I am 35! Thirty five! Officially mid 30s! I've even graduated into the 35-44 category on forms so there's no denying that I'm a fully fledged mid-30s adult. That the mortgage, the partner and the two kids are a bit of a giveaway too!

I don't normally bother that much about each passing year but this one feels like a milestone for some reason. Maybe it's because, as Kevin helpfully pointed out, I'm now closer to 70 than 0 with each day that passes!

I think it's mostly because it feels quite amazing to be where I am. Do you ever get that thing where you look at your family and feel so lucky you could burst? That's how Skye and Max make me feel. Not all of the time obviously - sometimes they are pains in the bum but they make me so happy and so proud and that's pretty cool.

I think 35 also feels like it's properly time to accept the serious adulting and let go of my 20s. I loved my 20s but now each time a memory pops up from 7, 8, 9 years ago I feel more of a fond nostalgia than the longing to go back for a bit which I used to have.

I also need to admit that I look like a 35 year old. I've been telling myself for years that I look young for my age and until a couple of years ago I was still getting ID-ed occasionally when buying alcohol. Now my face is lined and my eyes often look weary and my body is definitely not that of a young person! And do you know what? That's actually ok!

So, here's to me on my 35th birthday! I'm joining an illustrious and growing club of excellent 35 year olds I know so it can't all be bad.

Plus Kevin is 40 this year and at least I'm not that old!

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