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Last weekend Kevin and I spent a blissful four days in France without Skye. She stayed with her grandparents and had plenty of adventures of her own.

We were back and forth about whether to go at all because of finances, timing and all the other excuses we kept coming up with but a cheap ferry ticket helped make the final decision.

We stayed in Rouen in Normandy. It's a beautiful place, big enough that there was stuff to see and do but small enough to be able to comfortably wander around.

It was full of old cobbled streets with lovely cafes and antique shops. It's also full of history too - we saw the site where Joan of Arc was burned , visited the Cathedral which houses Richard the Lionheart's heart and spent a lovely afternoon in the botanical gardens.

We went out for dinner, drinks, coffee and didn't have to rush through any of it, or time it around naptime or bedtime. We had a delicious four course meal where we only had to worry about what we were eating, not about feeding anyone else. And we slept in until we woke up. Every. Single. Morning.

We spent one of the days visiting some of the D-day sites in Normandy. The countryside was so beautiful that it's hard to imagine the violence and destruction that took place there 75 years ago. We went to a cafe next to Pegasus Bridge which was the first civilian site to be liberated on D-day. In 1944 a little girl lived there with her family. She still lives there now and she made our coffee - amazing! It was a very sobering day but well worth the trip.

We spent the last morning out in the countryside around Rouen visiting a 12C abbey and enjoying a walk along the Seine. It was very refreshing.

I'm so, so glad we went. It'd been such a long time since we spent proper time together. Our conversations went beyond functional for the first time in a while. We spent days actually chatting about stuff, and not just Skye. And we got to finish conversations when we started them without constant interruption.

I thought I'd really miss Skye and worry about her lots because it's the longest she's been away from both of us but it was actually totally fine. Obviously we did miss her, and it was great to get home at the end of the trip and see how excited she was to see us and enjoy lots of cuddles but a few days away was just what we needed, especially before the chaos of two begins!

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