Chalk and cheese

I didn't expect my babies to be the same. I know every child is different. But I also didn't expect them to be soooo different!

Physically they're the opposite. Skye was a small baby and has always been petite. She still fits into T-shirts and cardigans that are 12-18 and she's nearly 2 and a half. Max is only just 4 months and is already wearing some 6-9 months clothes! He's definitely going to be tall!

Skye was quite a tricky baby. She had colic so spent hours crying. She suffered with wind and she wasn't very good at dealing with it. She wouldn't settle for anyone but me or her Daddy. She refused a bottle for months. She didn't nap well from day one. She hated being in the car seat for more than 10 minutes and once screamed for an hour on the way home from somewhere.

Max is totally chilled. He's already sleeping well at night. He barely cries except when you let him get a little too hungry. He wakes up smiling and spends most of the day smiling and giggling. He loves being in the car and spends lots of time looking out the window. He also actually sleeps in the car - Skye still doesn't most of the time!

Don't get me wrong, Skye was a lovely, jolly baby too and we had so much fun together while I was on maternity leave but looking back she was definitely much higher maintenance than he currently is.

Part of it must be nature but I do wonder how much of it is nurture. We're far more relaxed as parents this time round, which probably makes a difference and inevitably as a second baby Max is learning to just fit in.

Their differences as small babies make me wonder how different they'll be with other things. Skye was and always has been a great eater. She loves her food and is really good at trying new things. She loves helping prepare and cook things too and she's starting to understand. We're not that far off starting weaning with Max and I'm excited for him with that too. Hopefully he gets on as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing when Max reaches certain milestones like crawling and walking too and I can't wait to see more of his character come out, however different he turns out to be.

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