Dear Skye, for your second birthday

My beautiful girl. How is it possible that you are 2? Everyone talks about how quickly time goes when your babies are young and that's definitely the case with you but your daddy and I are so proud of the little girl you are becoming.

I want to remember this moment in time because this is my favourite age of yours so far. You make us laugh all the time with your overly expressive face and your funny ways of saying things. You call peanut butter peety butter and you say bubbum instead of bottom. You can't say Chris (the name of your great grandad) so you call him Piss. I find that far funnier than perhaps I should. You won't understand why until you're older.

You love life! You're so full of beans that it's hard to keep up. People are often incredulous at how fearless and bold you are and most of the time we are too, except when you slightly terrify us with your antics!

You still aren't the best sleeper. I definitely thought the nights would be a bit better by now but you're totally schooling us in that department. Sometimes I'm not as patient with you as I'd like to be when I'm climbing the stairs for the millionth time to put you back to bed and it's 2am and I'm already thinking about how to get through the day ahead, but when I shout in a sleep deprived haze I know it doesn't make either of us feel good. I just need you to remember that I'm still pretty new to all this too and we both make mistakes.

You are so clever - I know I'm a biased mum but you amaze me with all the things you already know and can do. You can count to 10 and you recognise all the numbers. You know your colours. You're getting really good at puzzles and building Duplo. You love the map we have in the bathroom and you can point out lots of different countries and say nearly all their names now too. I like the way you say Madagascar the best.

You also love to sing and dance and we get woken up lots of mornings with your (mostly tuneless) renditions of Wind the Bobbin Up and Baa baa black sheep. Your favourite pop song is You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive and it makes you annoyed when 'Lexa can't understand that's what you're asking for when you shout baby right round at her. You're very good at spinning.

You love princesses and pink tights and all things girly, which still surprises me sometimes as we haven't encouraged you either way on those things and I'm afraid I'm not very girly at all. Every morning, whatever you're wearing, you tell me you're a princess and I tell you how beautiful you are today. You will always be the most beautiful girl to me.

You challenge us every day with how feisty and wilful you can be, but those are also some of the qualities I admire in you the most. You know what you want, which is so important and you definitely make sure we know it too! Never lose your determination and spirit.

Right now, we're your whole world. You make me feel like I can do anything just because that's how you see me. You won't understand the power of that until you're a mummy too. It won't be long before other things become important to you and we have to share you with friends and hobbies and everything else. It's ok because even though it will be hard for us, that's how it's meant to be and we're so excited to watch you grow up.

No matter how big you get, you will always be my baby.

I wish you the happiest of second birthdays.

Love Mummy x

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