Do you need a wee wee?

Who knew watching another human being going for a wee on the actual toilet could make you feel so proud?!

We've been potty training Skye for the last couple of weeks and it's actually been surprisingly straightforward. Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of accidents including one horrific poo-pocalypse which we'll try to forget but on the whole it's been positive and we're definitely getting there.

I'm sure Skye is sick of being asked whether she needs the toilet 13 million times a day but that's been our approach and it seems to have worked. I've also been impressed by her bladder control - she goes an hour or so between needing to go and even when she's had to wait because we've been out and not immediately near a toilet, she's managed it pretty well. I swear I need to go more often than that - although that's probably because things aren't what they were down there after two kids!

Before starting this time, we had had one disastrous attempt at potty training a couple of months before Max arrived because part of me hoped I could get Skye out of nappies and not have to change two at the same time but she definitely wasn't ready then. People had told me before to wait until she was ready and they were so right! It's easy to feel under pressure with stuff like potty training but there's no gold star for the mums/kids that manage it sooner than others and I am definitely glad we waited a bit longer.

To be honest, after said disaster, I think starting this time was as much about me feeling ready as her. I was worried about all the accidents and extra washing. I didn't want to be confined to the house for days while we were trying to get the hang of things. I thought we might both end up getting frustrated by the whole thing. But this time she was ready, which meant I was ready. She just understood what she needed to do. We only spent one day completely at home before venturing out, sometimes with the potty in hand, and bar a few accidents here and there it's been fine.

We decided to start the week before going on holiday because I thought being away with all of us there and in warmer weather where we didn't need to worry about all the layers would be better. It was definitely handy having Kevin around to do the asking and the rushing to the toilet too but we did have a bit of a setback on the first day just because there was so much going on and she was tired. I thought we'd be starting again but with a bit of positive encouragement she got back to it without a lot of fuss.

She still has accidents when she waits too long to go but it upsets her more than anyone else when that happens. I have to remind myself to be as kind and patient as possible when one happens so she doesn't start to worry about it. Sometimes that's hard especially on the couple of occasions she has weed everywhere when I've just asked her if she needs to go but this is one of the trickiest things we've learned together so far so I can't really complain.

It's a weird milestone to have reached. It's definitely more exciting than I thought when I think about how many nappies we've changed over the last couple of years and how that phase is nearly over (except for nap/night time ones). And it makes Skye seem even more grown up now. It's also makes some of her trousers really loose - she's quite the skinny little thing! I can't say I'll miss her being in nappies but I also do feel a bit nostalgic that such a big phase is over.

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