From the mouths of babes

I've said before how much of a joy it's been seeing Skye's language develop. And I've especially loved all the funny little expressions she comes out with and all of her mispronunciations.

The older she gets, the less of those she says. We realised at the weekend that she's started to say 'I' and 'me' instead of referring to herself in the third person all the time. I'm going to miss hearing her say, 'Skye's happy' or her favourite, 'Skye do it!' when she really doesn't want any help!

It's amazing hearing her use complex sentences and I love being able to have an actual conversation with her but even Bandad is sad that he's now Grandad.

For breakfast she eats peanut butter not peatty butter. Her Great Grandad is Chris not piss (that one is probably for the best :-)), poo roll has become toilet paper and ballaeena is now ballerina.

The way she expresses herself is still so wonderful. We had a great family day on Sunday and when I was tucking her in she said, 'I want another today'. It was such a sweet way of telling me that she'd had a great time and to be honest, she hit the nail on the head with the way she said it.

She broke my heart with another one she came out with. She was trying to sit on my lap while I was feeding Max and there wasn't a lot of room and she said, 'there's no place for me'. She didn't understand the weight of what she'd actually said but in that moment it made me want to cry. I told her there was always a place for her, I shuffled Max over and put my arm around her and she squeezed in and said, 'my place' and all was ok again.

I never get tired of hearing her say she loves me and when she gave Max a cuddle the other day and said 'I love you' to him, it made me all warm inside. When he cries she says, 'it's ok Max, I'm here.'

She has no idea of the power of her words. I hope she grows up to understand how important words can be and choosing to use kind and loving ones not hateful ones as much as possible.

And in the meantime, at least she still says bobbum and not bottom. I won't be correcting that one anytime soon.

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