It takes a village

That phrase 'it takes a village' has taken on new meaning since having Max. When Skye was tiny I prided myself on being able to do everything on my own. I didn't want lots of help because I wanted to prove ,to myself more than anyone else, that I didn't need it. Now that Max is here too, I'm happy and grateful to accept all the help that we're offered. And thankfully there has been lots of it.

Kevin - my partner and team mate. The one who tempers my temper and who still thinks I'm sexy even though I don't feel that way right now. The one who shows our children what a good man and a wonderful father should be.

My Mum who checks in every day to see how I'm doing, who offers advice when I ask for it but doesn't judge when I do things differently to how she did and who helps out as much as she can in every way.

Our families who support and love us unconditionally, who celebrate all the little moments and milestones with us and who love our children just as much as we do.

The friend who sent flowers to let me know that I'm doing ok as a mum of two - they arrived at the exact moment I needed them to and they meant such a lot.

The friend who made an extra portion of dinner to give to Kevin and I because she knows how hard it is to have time to cook a decent meal on top of everything else.

The friends that have travelled considerable distances just to come and hang out and bring gifts for Max - we've loved seeing you.

The friend who makes time to hang out when she knows I need a bit of company and is just so good with Skye even on her most difficult days - thank you for getting it without saying anything.

The friend who chased both of our kids around at soft play so that I could sit feeding the baby - it was reassuring to know she was in safe hands so I didn't have to worry.

The stranger who didn't judge me when Skye had a meltdown but instead tried to help put her shoes on so we could go home - not being judged was so important in that moment.

The woman in the supermarket who told me how well she thought I was doing managing the shopping with a newborn - I was feeling pretty flustered so your kindness was very welcome.

The lady in the doctor's waiting room who said it was beautiful to see a baby breastfeeding when I was feeling self conscious about how noisy Max is when he feeds.

To all the people who have shared kind and encouraging words of advice on my social media posts. Knowing your experiences is really helpful.

My village is real and virtual, just down the road and on the other side of the world. Thank you to all of you for making this crazy journey of motherhood just that little bit easier and a whole lot more fun!

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