Looking back

It's impossible not to be a little nostalgic at this time of year when you think about all that has happened in the year that's ending. Even more so this year with it being the end of a decade. I actually kind of like it because it's a chance to take stock, remember the highs and lows and think about next year's goals.

2019 was the year we became a family of four. The year our wonderful Max arrived. It's hard to imagine life before Max. He's been such a perfect addition and I now understand it when people say your love just grows when you have another baby. Sometimes my heart aches with how much I love both my babies.

Then in the next minute Skye does something monsterish and that goes away again just as fast!

Max's favourite things right now are people making faces and silly noises at him, scrunchy books, his new play mat and lots and lots of cuddles. He's a pretty good sleeper although he likes to stay up all evening so I've forgotten what it's like to eat dinner without a baby in my arms. He's very chatty and he's just started to laugh, which is my new favourite thing. I'm trying to enjoy the sleep while I can while waiting for something to come along and knock his sleep off track. Fingers crossed we get lucky and that doesn't happen!

Skye has changed and grown so much this year too. She's now a proper little girl. She talks in full sentences and I love being able to sit and chat to her. Her favourite things at the moment are her baby, stickers, Frozen, playing catch and hide and seek and playing with her toy garage. She's pickly from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed. She likes taking off all her clothes and running around naked. She eats so much but stays skinny. When you ask her where she puts all the food she says, in my tummy!

This year we enjoyed some amazing trips with the highlight being our holiday to South Africa in March. We had so much fun exploring new places, meeting penguins, going on boat trips, eating new foods, swimming in the sea and lots more. Watching Skye take everything in her stride was my favourite part.

Our staycation in November was also a highlight for me. It was our first mini trip as a four and we had lots of fun sightseeing close to home and spending time together.

We've had some great times with our families too. We're both so lucky to have families who love and support us so much, and it makes us both so happy to watch Skye and Max enjoying time with their grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins.

2019 was a very different from the one that started this decade. 2010 was the year I moved to London, did a lot of travelling including a trip to China and Vietnam and started work at the BBC. It seems like a lifetime ago! I'm so grateful for all that has happened in the last 10 years. I'm definitely finishing the decade feeling contented.

Next year also promises to be a good one! We're hoping to move house to somewhere with a garden and my aim is that we'll be able to host Christmas next year. We already have trips planned to Tenerife, Edinburgh and Portugal, as well as some more staycationing. Max will be celebrating his first birthday and Kevin his 40th. We'll also be choosing a school for Skye which feels daunting but exciting.

Of course, I'll carry on sharing our lives through this blog, which honestly has been a god send for my sanity as well as a lovely momento. And until then - Happy New Year!

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