For the last week and a bit Max has been going to bed in his crib at bedtime and (albeit with a fair few resettles and wakes for feeds) has been staying in it until morning. It's taken 7 and a half months to reach this point but it looks like we're well on the way to getting our evenings back. It feels like a big milestone and it's one I was really keen to reach just so we could start having a couple of hours in the day to ourselves but of course now it's here I'm missing the extra cuddles. It was also the only time Max had us all to himself and given the current situation I feel bad for him that he's not getting that.

It's funny how you wait for all the little milestones for so long and once they come along it sort of takes you by surprise and you don't even realise they've happened at first. That's how it is with our evenings with Max. It happened without us really planning for it or expecting it and that's it.

It was the same with the last breastfeed with Skye - I knew it was coming but I didn't know the last one was the last one. And then that was it. Or her last nap - that one was definitely a shock!

Even firsts can come and go so quickly it feels like you don't get a chance to really appreciate them. Max is now eating three meals a day more or less which seems crazy given it feels like we only started weaning a moment ago. He's also on the verge of crawling and has just started clapping. It's such a lovely time and I just wish we could hang on to it all a bit more.

So much of our days are taken up with the relentlessness of the routine of looking after two small children - mealtimes and their aftermath, teeth brushing, nappy changes and toileting, getting dressed, nap times or not as the case may be. They're punctuated with lots of fun moments (and some not so fun ones) but the days drift by so quickly it does feel like you don't get to appreciate things.

It's the same complaint that every parent has - the days are (sometimes very) long and the years are far too short.

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