New skills

I read a post recently about how you should be able to list the skills you learn as a parent on your CV, considering how good you have to be at things like negotiation, peacemaking and all the rest of it.

Obviously it was a joke but it got me thinking about some of the skills - useful or not - that I've acquired since becoming a mum. Like right now I'm typing this really fast with one hand because Max is asleep in my other arm! If that's not a super useful skill I don't know what is?!

Speaking of doing things one handed, I can eat dinner (while only sometimes spilling it on the Max's head), make a cup of tea, help with stickers, sort the washing, breastfeed and a variety of other things all with just one free arm and with the added bonus of never having dropped a baby either.

I've also gotten really good at having two conversations at once. I can quite happily be having an adult conversation and still hear whatever it is that Skye's asking and reply before carrying on with my original convo.

I can carry a baby, a toddler, a change bag and sometimes even a bag of shopping from the car, up two flights of stairs and into our flat. Granted I'm normally breaking a sweat by the time I get there but I can still do it. Super human strength!

I'm definitely an expert on functioning with minimal sleep. I can't guarantee I'll be working at the same capacity as if I was getting enough sleep but I'll definitely be there in some form or another.

I've developed quite the penchant for funny voices while reading too. My range still needs work but the reviews from 2 and a half year old Skye have been pretty good, and she can be a pretty harsh critic.

They may not be things I've studied or trained for but they're definitely skills I've worked hard for and I'm sure they'll stand me in great stead in the future. I wonder what else I'll add to the repertoire during this crazy parenting journey.

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