The dreaded commute

So I'm officially in the third trimester now and I both look and feel it. It's not the best timing being due in September and having to spend the entire summer heavily pregnant...especially when you have to commute on public transport.

It doesn't help that I also haven't quite accepted that I need to leave more time to get around because I just can't move as fast.

I was probably one of the only people who was grateful that so far this summer hasn't been as hot and sunny as last year but the weather this week has just been grim. Grey, cloudy, ridiculously muggy - not fun!

I've become a very grumpy, pregnant commuter too. Mostly because I get fed up with people pushing on to the train in front of me all the time. Now I just ask loudly for someone to stand up if there isn't a seat free and wait to see who looks the most embarrassed and gets up the quickest!

The worst part of the journey is definitely the tube. It is hot and uncomfortable at the best of times but it's been particularly unbearable this week. And even though I get on the tube at 7am, which is reasonably early, it's always busy. It basically means I'm a sweaty mess before I've even arrived at the office, which is a lovely way to spend the day. I honestly don't know how any pregnant woman does it when they have to travel at rush hour - hats off to those that do!

Only 9 weeks until my maternity leave starts though! I can totally handle another 9 weeks of commuting, right?

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