The third trimester

I know that every pregnancy is different so I didn't expect this one to be exactly the same. It definitely wasn't in the beginning. What I totally hadn't appreciated was how lucky I was with Skye. I basically didn't have any difficult symptoms at any stage of my pregnancy with her. In the third trimester I was able to stay super active doing a lot of walking and swimming. I still slept pretty well apart from the constant trips to the toilet and I didn't struggle at all to keep working up until 38 and a half weeks into the pregnancy.

This time is quite a different story. I know it has a lot to do with the fact that it's so much harder to rest when you're running around after a toddler - and Skye is a particularly busy toddler - but I'm feeling so much more pregnant this time round. Does that make sense?

I'm 35 weeks now and I can't move faster than a leisurely walk (except when I have to run after Skye if she's making a break for something and that is not enjoyable). I feel like I'm actually waddling a little bit and I don't remember waddling at all last time even at the very end.

I've never struggled to sleep in my life. It's been a gift really, especially during bad nights with Skye because I could always get back to sleep easily between the wakes. But recently I've been suffering with pregnancy insomnia - one of the least fun things ever! Lying awake at night, desperately trying to sleep and not being able to is horrible. I totally sympathise with people who suffer from sleep problems now!

The aches and pains this time round have also been next level. Paracetamol has been my friend - mainly because it's the only thing I can take! I shouldn't really complain because I know some people have it much, much worse. I think I just didn't realise how painful pregnancy could be on your pelvis, knees, back etc. Even lying down makes things ache!

I also didn't actually realise it was possible to sweat as much as I have been recently. I know it's summer and it's been quite hot but even so, after two stops on the tube I feel like I've done a 10k run and I'm definitely in need of another shower. Even the bump sweats - who knew that was a thing?! I remember taking lots of showers and not enjoying the heat much last time either but I could still function in it. This time round I just wish I could live in a fridge!

I'm also deeply, deeply tired. Not the level of sleep deprived exhaustion that comes from weeks and months of being up with a child that doesn't sleep but a real mental and physical fatigue that makes you want to lie down all the time in a quiet room.

Only 10 more days before I finish work, and not having to commute will make a big difference I'm sure. And, only a few more weeks before we get to meet baby boy and the fun begins! Not long now...

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