The waiting game

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant - officially full term! Today I am also suffering in the heat. Today I am wishing baby would hurry up and make an appearance. Today I am also slightly panicked at the thought of managing a newborn and a toddler and just how tired I will be.

Today there is a lot going round in my head!

With Skye I didn't really have time or the sense to think about any of these things. I had no real idea what was coming and was mostly just excited and slightly oblivious to how much things were going to change. She also took us by surprise. I'd fully expected her to be late so didn't finish work until 10 days before the due date but had a weekend then my waters broke on the Monday, contractions started on the Monday night and she arrived on the Wednesday. It was all a bit of a whirlwind!

I was definitely hoping to get some actual maternity leave this time, which is why I finished work a bit earlier and so far it's been great. I had a wonderful spa day on Friday with my mum and sister and this weekend has been lovely and chilled with lots of time just Kevin, Skye and I.

I've already had more maternity leave than last time and I know I should be making the most of every day before baby boy arrives but I can't help but wish the time away. I'm just so looking forward to meeting him now and I'm also pretty much done with being pregnant!

I can feel myself being more impatient with Skye than normal too and I really wish I wasn't but she's been at peak toddler in the last couple of days and it's pretty knackering!

I'm also looking forward to having ankles again, and sweating just a little bit less.

All in good time though I guess!

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