Ups and Downs

Today was one of those days when you're grateful when bedtime finally comes around even though it makes you feel guilty to admit that. Today I wasn't a great mum. Today I am also looking forward to my own bedtime even more than normal.

At the moment Skye seems to experience everything with such intensity that the days are filled with lovely happy highs, and tantrummy, miserable lows. Most days the lows are over quickly and not that frequent and my beautiful, funny and fierce little girl is a total pleasure to be around.

Today was not one of those days.

She was pretty grumbly this morning for no apparent reason. There were tears over breakfast because she didn't get the right spoon, tears about which book she wanted to read even though she chose each book, a tantrum over getting her shoes on to go out, and another one about having to get in the car because she wanted to walk. It was a pretty tiring start to the day.

And of course I decided to throw an added complication into the mix. Today we attempted to start potty training. It did not go well. Skye was showing all the signs that she's ready. She has even started asking to wear pants not a nappy in the last few days. But today she spent the whole day weeing all over the carpet and getting more and more upset every time I tried to get her to sit on the potty.

In the end she asked to put a nappy on again and I did so gladly...but not before I shouted at her for weeing on the cushion on her chair. It's not her fault, of course, and I shouldn't have lost my temper, but I've literally spent the day on my hands and knees cleaning up wee and there's loads of extra washing to do from all the accidents so I was just feeling totally fed up as well. It wasn't my proudest moment.

At least we finished the day with a fun bath time and lots of cuddles before bedtime.

I know all these emotions are normal and that toddlers can just be really hard work but the ups and downs of every day are totally exhausting! This age is such a joy; she's learning new things every day, her language is exploding and she's very entertaining and loving. It's also the most difficult age because she's stubborn, strong-willed and physically strong which makes her hard to manage sometimes especially with the growing bump. I know I'll miss Skye being a toddler eventually. Today I definitely didn't feel like that!

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