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*Spoiler alert for anyone we haven’t had a chance to tell yet – the next baby HW will be making an appearance in September!*

Number two. The second. The one after. There are plenty of ways to say it but it all comes down to this – it’s just not the same after the first time.

That’s not meant to sound negative, it’s just something I’m realising the further into pregnancy number two I get.

Firstly, if you’re as lucky as I am, and have an uncomplicated pregnancy (which this one thankfully is so far and the one with Skye definitely was) you’ll know what to expect. It’s no less magical the second time round and in a way it’s far more enjoyable because you can relax a bit more rather than anxiously consulting Google about every little thing you’re not sure about.

Secondly, and I definitely didn’t realise or appreciate this when I was pregnant the first time but you have so much time! It’s luxurious, really. At least that’s what I’m finding in comparison! This time round I’m still doing all the things I was doing last time – full time job, trying to see friends, making time for family and for Kevin, but I also have a boisterous toddler consuming most of my time and energy. Now luxurious is getting to go to the toilet on your own!

The time thing plays into another big difference. With Skye I knew exactly how far along I was down to the day. I religiously took my vitamins, ate all the right foods and got regular and varied exercise including pregnancy yoga and water aerobics. This time round I eat far too much cake, remember my vitamins every few days and have a vague grasp of what week I’m on!

We also had lots of time to prepare – or at least it felt like that before she arrived and then we realised we had no idea! This time we’ve been focused so far on preparing Skye for all the changes but it still doesn’t feel totally real to me and I definitely haven’t got my head around being a mum of two.

Also, I remember being tired in the first pregnancy but nothing like this. This is the sort of tired where you fall asleep halfway through the evening because you can’t actually stay awake. Or you physically have to heave yourself around because your body feels like lead all the time. Still, at least being a parent to a baby that didn’t sleep for the first 16 months has helped me build up some stamina on that front!

Regardless of the differences between this one and the first (and I’m trying not to feel guilty about them), this baby is so loved and wanted and we honestly can’t wait to be a family of four.

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