Bedtime with you

Did you know that bedtime is my favourite part of the day, and not just because it means I get some peace and quiet once you're asleep!

It's because it's time that you and I have together, often just for us and often after long days apart.

Our bedtime routine always starts with a bath, which you love. Whatever sort of day we've had it normally means we finish doing something fun and that we both enjoy. The bath toys we play with are helping to teach you new words like rainbow and turtle. You like me to join in because it makes you laugh. Your favourite game is splashing because you think it's funny when I get wet. You're not such a big fan of having your hair washed but you normally let me get on with it without too much fuss.

It's always your job to pull the plug out once we're finished. You like to watch the water drain away and say goodbye to it as the last bit disappears.

I love the snuggly cuddles while I get you dry. I wrap you up in your towel and hug you tight and it's the one time of day when you don't pull away because you have other things you'd rather be doing.

I don't love trying to brush your teeth. You're not a fan so it's a bit of a battle although things are improving day by day. On the better days we high five after we're done and that makes us both smile.

I love how you kick the towel off so I can put your creams on, and how when your hands burst through your pyjama sleeves you hold them old for me to kiss. I love how funny you think it is to try to run away while I'm drying your hair. I love how you smell when your finally ready to go upstairs to bed.

I love reading you a bedtime story. We're working our way through Roald Dahl's collection at the moment. We started with Matilda and we've almost finished Esio Trot. You like to point at the pictures and name all the things you can recognise, especially the turtles. We'll pretend it doesn't matter that they're actually tortoises. Next up is my favourite of them all, Danny the champion of the world.

You like to hold your bottle of milk by yourself but when you start to get sleepy I have to take over. While you're drinking it and we're reading our story, you often ask me to kiss each hand and foot. I don't know why but I love that you do. You also like to stroke my hair and I love to see that tenderness in you.

While you finish your milk I sing to you. It's mostly Disney songs because they're the ones I know the words to, but if you're not in the mood for one in particular you say no and we move on. Sometimes if I stop to early you say more and I have to start again. I think I probably need to learn some new songs.

I love that you sometimes still fall asleep on me. I hear your breathing slow and you relax into my arms. It make me linger just that little bit longer to hang on to those warm, beautiful cuddles before I put you down.

When I lift you into your cot these days, I can feel just how long you are and how big you're getting and I think about how quickly time is passing.

I tell you I love you and I tuck you in and I creep downstairs, keeping my fingers crossed you sleep well. After all, bedtimes are even better when we all get a good night's sleep.

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