Dear Skye, on the eve of your second Christmas

How is it possible that the firsts are well and truly over and we're already celebrating seconds?

This year is your second Christmas, the second year we get to wrap presents with your name on, the second year of singing Christmas songs with you, the second year of dressing you up in silly Christmas outfits, the second year of having a place at the table for you.

This year you can say the word tree and you're a big fan of Christmas baubles - especially trying to eat the ones with glitter on!You surprised us by not going for the presents under the tree. I'm not sure that will last another year. You also know who Santa is although you're still not his biggest fan. I don't blame you, he can be a little scary with his deep voice and red outfit and bushy beard.

This year you have tried hot chocolate with marshmallows and loved it. You have also tried brussel sprouts and didn't love those quite as much.

You love dancing and your favourite Christmas songs to boogie to are Jingle Bells and Simply having a wonderful Christmastime. (When you're older I'll show you the videos.) I tried to dance with you the other day and you stopped and said, no, no, no until I sat down again. You're only 17 months and I'm already embarrassing you with my mum dancing!

This year we've had lots of festive outings to Christmas markets, parties, Winter Wonderland, Leeds Castle and others and I've enjoyed every minute of making it special for and with you.

This year I feel more festive than I've felt for ages and that's because of the magic you fill our lives with.

You amaze me with all that you're learning every day. You're so happy and funny and you make me and Daddy laugh all the time with the silly things you do and your cheeky face. You're fiesty and fierce and you're so independent already, which is mostly a good thing although I wish you'd wander off just a little less!

You make me so proud and my heart aches with how much I love you. I can't wait to celebrate your second Christmas, and all the ones that are to come as well.

Merry Christmas my beautiful girl x

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