Don’t want mummy

Kids have a way with words. At the moment Skye's way is to tell me she doesn't like me and she doesn't want me multiple times a day. It's been going on for a few weeks already. I know she doesn't really mean it and I know she probably doesn't fully understand what she's saying but nonetheless it's started to get to me.

She had the biggest meltdown to date at bath time this weekend because she wanted Daddy not Mummy to help her get undressed. She literally screamed when I tried to touch her and got in such a state I thought she was going to be sick. It's hard when all you want to do is comfort them when they're upset and they don't want you near them.

Part of me loves that she's such a Daddy's girl and feels like I should appreciate not having to do all the nappy changes and meal times because she prefers it to be Kevin when he's around. I can also see how happy it makes him that she loves him so much an he really is the best Dad so that's nice. It's still hard not to feel rejected though. Of course I know it's a temporary thing because she's still adjusting to Max being around, but I miss the little girl who wants nothing more than to snuggle on my lap and have me stroke her hair and read her a story.

This, like everything else with parenting, will be temporary too. In another couple of weeks we'll have something else to worry about and I'll probably be missing this phase where at least I don't have a toddler trying to attach herself like a limpet to join the baby koala I already have!

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