It’s a boy!

Just over a week ago we found out that this baby will be a boy. The scan also showed everything is where it should be, his heart is beating strong and he's a bit above average in terms of size - maybe he'll tower over his sister by the time he reaches school!

Skye looking at the scan picture of her baby brother

We never really thought about waiting to find out until his arrival. We found out at the 20 week scan with Skye and I loved being able to use the right gender pronoun and start thinking about names. I think it also helped Kevin to feel closer to her too.

This time round it's even better because we can share it with Skye too. It literally melts my heart when she points at the scan picture on the fridge and says, 'baby brother'. It's also an improvement on when we found out and she said, 'not boy'!

I know everyone says they don't really mind what gender their baby is but we genuinely felt like that. I loved the idea of Skye having a sister like I do because I'm close to my lovely sister and she would hopefully have that too but it's exciting to think about having a son and how different this adventure will be. (It's still weird to say son!)

What's slightly strange is how many people have said well done and congratulated us for now having one of each, as if it was anything to do with us and somehow suggesting that the alternative wouldn't have been as good. Someone even said, 'well at least you don't need to have anymore now'. Erm, ok.

Our biggest challenge over the next 4 months is trying to find a name. We settled on Skye pretty quickly and love it just as much now as we did when we first chose it. A boy name is so much more difficult - we don't like the same ones, we've vetoed some because they're too common, or don't go with our surname, we've loved a couple but gone off them with a few days - it's sooooo hard! Any name suggestions would be very welcome!

Whatever he ends up being called, I love him so much already and I really can't to be a boy mum.

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