Maternity leave

I've now officially had two full weeks of maternity leave and there's no sign of baby just yet. (We had a false alarm last night but we're back to waiting today.) I always said I wanted to actually have some leave before baby this time round after Skye's surprise early arrival last time but to be honest until the last few days I'd been struggling to enjoy it because I'd just been feeling a bit fed up, uncomfortable and impatient.

This week has been different. The weather has cooled down which definitely helps. I actually feel quite relaxed now I'm fully out of work mode. And most importantly, Skye and I have been having a really good time together.

It wasn't quite smooth sailing because I had to go in to hospital on Sunday afternoon to get checked out after baby boy decided to freak us out by going all incognito. I've had a scan and a consultant appointment this week too and thankfully all is good which I think has also helped me relax a bit more.

We had a lovely weekend with all three of us too. We spent Saturday celebrating our niece's 7th birthday and Skye absolutely loves being with her cousins so that was great. On Sunday we had a chilled day just us, with a trip to the park, a yummy lunch together - thanks Daddy - and a coffee and cake treat in the afternoon.

The thing that has made the most difference to me enjoying mat leave is that Skye and I have had such a great week. We've had play dates with our friends, a visit to one of our fave local National Trust places, an outing to soft play, a great toddler gymnastics session and lots of time together playing, reading and doing lots and lots of laughing.

She's just the most wonderful little girl and she amazes me every day with her confidence, her speech and all the new things she's learning to do all the time. It's weird but I think her brother's imminent arrival makes me love and appreciate Skye even more.

Tomorrow is another nursery day, and while it will be great to have a super chilled day to myself, especially after a busy day today, I will miss Skye. I'm already looking forward to our next mummy Skye day on Monday - provided we make it that far before baby decides to say hello!

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