My mum bod – part 3

The things a mother's body can do are amazing! I mean, growing a human being - that's pretty incredible! All that hard work takes its toll though and your body is never the same.

After Skye arrived I wrote about all the changes my body had gone through. It turns out any of those changes were permanent. The stretch marks did fade and some of the baby weight worked its way off but my boobs never really recovered from 16 months of breastfeeding!

Now the changes are even more apparent. My pregnancy with Max was marked by a maze of stretch marks across my belly. It's funny because I don't actually dislike them. There's something almost comforting about knowing how they came about, especially if Max turns out to be our last.

Speaking of the belly, it's all a bit loose these days. Even my belly button is a bit saggy - who knew that was a thing?! Somehow I'm back in the (stretch) non-maternity jeans again but the thought of having to work off the weight is all a bit much. It's just as well I'm not planning on wearing a bikini on the beach any time soon. At least with two you don't get much time to actually sit down so even though I'm consuming a vast amount of biscuits and chocolate on a weekly basis to keep me going through the lack of sleep, at least some of it is being burnt off while I tear around after the toddler and manage the baby!

The piles are back with a vengeance too. My GP said they could take months to settle down. Luckily I have the distraction of a toddler who likes to stay nice and close at all times so at least when I'm struggling to go she's there to comment on how smelly my bottom is and really make me feel good about things!

The one perk last time was how good my skin was but sadly that's not to be this time either. It's pretty dry and my eczema has been flaring up as well. It's not helped by the fact that the weather has turned super wintry.

Despite all that I'm still feeling pretty good about myself. I don't look the way I used to, and I don't look the way I would ideally like to look but I look like a woman who's grown and birthed two children, and is currently breastfeeding again while having lots of fun raising them - most of the time!

To them I know I am beautiful. All they see is Mummy whose arms are ready to cuddle them, whose knees crawl around on the floor to play their games, whose mouth tells them she loves them and covers them in kisses (and sometimes shouts at them when they're being pickly).

And when I am feeling a bit low they're there to pick me up too - the other day Skye looked at me and said, Mummy looks pretty, and that was enough.

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