The life of leave

I'd basically been looking forward to going on leave since I went back to work. It was this thing to aim for, knowing that it would give us time together as a family and away from the punishing routine of work, childcare and everything else. There's always a danger when you have such high expectations of something that it's going to disappoint - thankfully our 2 and a half weeks did exactly the opposite!

We spent the first 10 days in Cyprus and it was really fun. Paphos is not somewhere I would have chosen to go to pre-kids as we've always preferred to get off the beaten track a bit, but it was the perfect setting for this trip and Cyprus has so much to offer if you do want to explore.

The place we stayed in had a pool and I think Skye would have lived in there the entire time if she could have done. Watching her grow in confidence in the water was really cool. She absolutely loved the sea too and didn't even care when a wave splashed her in the face. I love that she isn't phased by anything like that.

We had a slight blip in the middle of the trip when I had a weird allergic reaction to something and ended up needing drugs through a drip to treat it. Thankfully it only took a day or two to get over so didn't really spoil our plans too much. And at least it gives me a funny story to tell now, right?

We hired a car for a few days to get out and about and those days were probably my favourites. We went to Kourion - an ancient city on a clifftop overlooking the sea. It was crazy hot and dusty but really beautiful too. Skye did really well in the heat and actually seemed to enjoy the exploring. We also visited Kolossi Castle, which Kevin liked because its history involves the Knights Templar.

We also spent a day up in the Troodos mountains. The scenery was incredible and it was a nice break from the intense heat on the coast.

Skye was literally a dream the entire time we were away. On both flights, which were four and half hours long, she was chilled and played and didn't whinge. She took everything in her stride, all the new experiences, food, people. We went out for dinner and she tried mussels and prawns and swordfish. It was such a joy to see her experiencing all these new things. She wasn't phased by the change in routine either. That's not to say the nights were totally smooth but then they never are, but they definitely weren't as bad as they could have been. I felt even more proud than normal to be her mum.

Having a few days off at home was also great. Skye was back at nursery so Kevin and I had 2 days to do grown up things on our own. We spent one just totally chilling and catching up on chores which felt great. And one the other, we did the totally grown up thing of going to Thorpe Park for the day! It was brilliant fun and really lovely to just have a laugh, let go and spend time together. It was just what we needed.

We had a couple of good family days out locally too with a trip to Ightham Mote and a swim session to the Spectrum Centre in Guilford. We took Skye down the big flumes and she loved it! She's such an adventurer! We finished the week celebrating Kevin's birthday, which felt like a great way to end it.

I could stayed in our lovely little bubble for a lot longer but sadly reality had to return and we're fully back to normal now. There's only one thing for it and that's to plan the next trip, which is exactly what we're currently doing!

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