The thing about public baby changes

If you plan on leaving the house once your baby arrives, it is a fact that you'll have to use public changing facilities. So here are some things to watch out for

1:The bin. It's never where you need it to be so get ready to sprout go-go gadget arms and embrace your inner contortionist to try to reach it, while also stopping your squirming eel of a baby from throwing themselves off a 4ft platform onto the hard floor below.

2. And while we're on the subject of the bin, how is it that even though you open and close it as quick as you possibly can, and think, every time that you've managed to get away with it, the smell eventually wafts over and it's so horrendous it makes you gag.

3. Then there's the changing table itself. It's like Goldilocks; either too high or too low. It doesn't make for easy changing. And why is it they always have all these little holes and spaces for little fingers to poke into and get covered in dirt and grime. It's hard enough to change a stinky nappy in less than ideal conditions without also having to worry about grubby fingers being put in tiny mouths!

4. They're always so cold. It doesn't matter what the weather's like outside, they're like ice boxes. It's not a great combo when paired with a half-dressed baby, although it's pretty good motivation for some record-breaking nappy changing. And at least the quicker you manage to complete the change, the less time you have to spend being subjected to the aforementioned smell.

5. Despite the fact that you'd rather not have to use them, when you do need one, it's inevitably already engaged and you have to wait for the longest time ever to get in there.

It almost makes me look forward to potty training!

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