These are a few of Max’s favourite things

Max is just over 11 weeks old and his little character is already starting to show. He's such a different baby to Skye. I know it probably has quite a bit to do with the fact that we're no longer anxious first time parents and you just have to be more relaxed the second time round when you have a toddler in tow but he really is the sweetest, happiest little thing. He barely cries and he's very chilled.

Skye was very jolly but she also cried a lot more and even as a baby was pretty feisty. I'm all too aware that it could change very quickly but we're definitely enjoying it while it lasts.

He really loves bath time. He's not bothered at all when Skye splashes water all over him and he really smiles when you squeeze a sponge over him. We're looking forward to starting swimming lessons when he's a bit bigger.

He's starting to be more engaged by toys now too and has been trying to grab them and touch them. He likes ones that make scrunchy noises the best and he also loves his face being touched by the soft ribbony bits on our sensory toys. He doesn't like tummy time as much as Skye did but that might be because I keep forgetting to do it with him!

Even though Skye is a bit heavy handed with him at the moment he has so many smiles for her and he's fascinated by watching her play. She likes to sit by his bouncer chair and 'read' him books which he loves.

This week he has also discovered his hands and he really like staring at them. He's still not quite cracked getting them into his mouth so sometimes hits himself in a face which always seems to surprise him and makes me laugh!

His absolute favourite thing is to sit watching you make faces, blow raspberries and blow on him. It really makes him smile and babble. He's happy to play with anyone but he especially likes smiling at all of Daddy's faces, which makes my heart happy to watch.

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