Three little words

Skye ran up to me today and grabbed my arm and looked at me really intently and said, I love you Mummy! It was the sweetest moment and made my heart hurt.

She's said it a few times over the last few days and every time I love hearing it. Will it ever get old? You always imagine how lovely it will be to hear them say it and it's just as wonderful when it happens. I hope the feeling doesn't wear off any time soon.

She's started saying it about other people too. She tells me she loves her Daddy and it's almost as awesome hearing her say that.

It's also amazing to see her learning how to express her emotions generally. She's always been quite empathetic and likes to point out people who are happy or sad in her books and she uses words like worried or excited now too. I've said before that my favourite thing about parenting has been watching her language develop and this is an added joy.

I tell Skye I love her at least 50 times a day. I really don't think it can be said enough. And of course, I do love her more than anything in the world. I hope hearing me say it to her makes her feel as warm and safe and comforted as the other way around.

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