Toddler obsession

This is man.

'Man' is the latest object of Skye's obssession.

He, along with 'girl', 'dog' and 'car' have become Skye's constant companions. Man is the first thing Skye asks for when she wakes up. Man and at least one of his friends has to accompany us whenever we leave the house. We were actually late to meet a friend on Thursday because we had to go back for man to avoid a total meltdown.

Man is present at every meal time and Skye likes to share her food with him. Luckily he loves vegetables which is helping with the fact that Skye has gone off them a bit at the moment.

Man has a bath with us. He's a pretty good swimmer and likes to jump off the bath books and splash. Today man and girl had a good old dunk in the watering can, which was apparently very funny.

Sadly, a disaster has befallen dog. He ran away during a trip to the shops this afternoon and hasn't come home yet. Every time Skye has asked for him since we've avoided any upset by distracting her with other things and I'm hoping that continues to work until dog comes home tomorrow. And obviously what I mean by that is that Amazon Prime will deliver a new one. It's not exactly the same though so I just hope she doesn't notice.

These little characters even get included in story and milk time. This evening Skye has gone to sleep with girl in her hand. Lucky girl!

This obsession will pass in a few weeks just like the others that have already faded away. Her fixation with Zog was pretty intense at the time and now it's just another book that we read. We hardly ever watch In the Night Garden anymore and she couldn't live without that at one point.

Each time she says goodbye to one of the things she used to love so fiercely, it makes me a little sad. It's like another phase has also passed and she's growing up so quickly before our eyes. That's why I like to indulge and embrace each new thing with her while it lasts. (While also keeping my fingers crossed that some of the more annoying obsessions like Peppa bloody Pig pass us by!)

There's one thing that not a phase: My obsession with Skye will definitely last a lifetime.

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