Toddlers, trust and trying to teach boundaries

The word that best sums up Skye is 'spirited'. And let's face it, that's just a nice way of saying she can be a real wild one and a bit of a pain in the bum sometimes. It's that spirit that I admire so much and that I hope she never loses but it makes it pretty damn hard to parent her!

She's at that age where she definitely knows what she's doing and when she's being a pickle bum and we're introducing consequences for her behaviour - tonight she didn't get a bedtime story because she was so silly at bedtime - but she definitely doesn't understand being sorry yet so anything like the naughty step just seems pointless.

She also seem to think everything is a game and I know that's just what being a toddler is but there are some situations where I just need to trust that she'll listen and it does worry me that I can't.

She likes to wander and explore and is super sociable. When we're out but in a contained environment like a coffee shop or a closed park, I let her do that because I want to encourage her confidence and independence. I try to explain in the supermarket or walking along the road that she needs to hold my hand and can't walk off but she thinks it's hilarious to run off and try to disappear. It's actually pretty terrifying to lose sight of her, even only for a few seconds. And I worry one day that she'll run into a road or something.

She also loves climbing and her favourite place is the park, but going on my own with her can sometimes be a bit scary because I just don't trust that she won't throw herself over an edge and I won't be there to catch her.

She's fearless which is mostly amazing because she'll give anything a try and is very adventurous but at some point she'll learn a bit of caution, right?

I think everything is being brought into focus with the new arrival only a few months away and I know Skye will change so much between now and then so in the meantime I guess I'm going to have to get used to the adrenaline and drama that comes with having to parent a spirited child.

And keep my fingers crossed that number two is just a bit more chilled.

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