Why Thursdays are my favourite day of the week

Warning: This is likely to be a pretty soppy post so apologies in advance.

Thursday are my day off from work. Thursdays make Wednesday evenings feel like a Friday, which is pretty good for a mid-week night. Thursdays are when our routine is more relaxed and I don't have to rush around quite as much trying to hold everything together. Thursdays are the days I look forward to the most.

Thursdays are my days with Skye.

Some Thursdays we go on exciting adventures to the farm to feed the animals, or to places like the Science Museum to make exciting discoveries.

Some Thursday we just wander to the park and go for coffee, or pop down to the local library to sing some songs.

Some Thursdays we surround ourselves with our friends and some Thursdays I keep Skye all to myself.

The time I get to spend with her one on one makes working full time, and dealing with the nagging guilt of that, a lot easier to manage. It also makes me feel less like I'm missing out because that's the time I get to appreciate all the new things she's learning to do and say. She amazes me all the time with how much she's learning and how quickly it seems to be happening.

It makes me proud to be out and about with her. She takes everything in her stride and thrives on new experiences. She's always willing to try things and I love that curiosity and confidence in her. She's so sociable with all the people we meet, probably too much for all the other children whose space she invades, but I love that she just wants to interact with everything and everyone. At the moment she's generally just pretty easy to hang out with.**

Our Thursdays are filled with fun and wonder and laughter and lots and lots of cuddles.

Then when we're done and bedtime rolls around again, it's the day I always linger longest in her room. I can't help but feel a bit of sadness as I put her down to sleep, when I realise another Thursday is over and I have to wait a whole week until the next one.

Thursdays really are the best day of the week.

**I'm under no illusions that once toddlerhood fully kicks in, I'll probably be writing a blog about the embarrassment of public meltdowns but for now I'm enjoying it!


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